Where’s My Refund?

We are in March of tax season and tax returns are flying in and out the door. A common question we hear at SBS from our customers “When will we receive our refund”.  The IRS needs to process your return before they send back any money to you, they need to see that everything that is within your tax return is correct before they approve your refund.

Some refunds are being held for specific returns such as earned income credit and additional child tax credit recipients who will not see their refund until after February 22. The reason for that is… the law. The law simply does not allow the IRS to give taxpayers with those credits their money back until after February 22nd. The IRS said that they expect that taxpayers with those two credits to have their refund in their account by the first week of March assuming there is nothing wrong with the return. They also stated that Taxpayers should check the “where’s my refund” tool to get a personalized refund deposit date.

Calling the IRS to check up on your refund is a thing of the past. Now you can go online and know exactly where your refund is. “Where’s My Refund” is a tool that is now on IRS.Gov website for the public to use. That tool will let taxpayers know if their filed return has been received, if the refund has been approved, and if the refund has been sent. You need the following to access this information; taxpayer’s social security number, filing status, and the exact amount that they are to be refunded.

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Michael Salazar


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