Have you been a victim of identity theft?

Here at SBS CPA Group, we have experience with how the IRS handles identity theft and what you need to do if you have been a victim of it.

The IRS will always contact you through the mail with either a letter, transcript and/or notice. The IRS will rarely ever call you.

The IRS will let you know of potential identity theft in the following ways:

  • A letter for a suspicious tax return that you did not file
  • Reported income to the IRS from an employer you don’t even know
  • You won’t be able to e-file your return because a return in your social security number has already been filed

The Notice from the IRS can mean a few different things, but are all related to Identity theft such as:

  • You owe additional tax or have a refund offset
  • Your online account has been accessed or that it has been disabled after you took no action
  • You have been sent to collections for owing taxes on a tax year that you did not file a return
  • An online account has been created using your name

Additionally, once the IRS confirms that you have actually been a victim of Identity theft, they will issue you a unique personal identification number. You are going to need to provide the PIN number to your tax preparer every time you go to file taxes. The PIN helps prevent future Identity theft because the IRS it truly you who is filing and not a scammer.

SBS CPA Group has various clients who have experienced instances of identity theft and were issued a pin that we file annually with their tax return. If you have any more questions please give us a call at 260-407-5000.

Michael Salazar


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