Tax Projection Season

Are you one to procrastinate when it comes to taxes? It is so easy for us to kick the proverbial can down the road when it comes to tax planning. However, there are deadlines for credits, deductions, etc to consider. For example, an Indiana resident who wants to take advantage of an Indiana 529 tax credit must contribute to a College Choice Indiana 529 plan by December 31st.

SBS does a lot of tax projections this time of year because we want to be a year-round tax resource for our clients. Taxes are not just about April 15th, they are about tax planning and having a professional firm such as SBS sit down and help prepare you.

Tax projections have many benefits including:

  • Allows you to prepare for various tax situations before it is too late
  • Presents different tax strategy options for you
  • Allows you to go into tax season with a good estimate of what you will owe on April 15th

There are many of our clients who take advantage of our tax projection service. SBS would love to encourage more clients to come out for a tax projection and avoid any unnecessary surprises. November and December are great months to make this happen.

Let SBS keep current on tax law and legislation for your business. Tax planning affects not just short-term decisions but also long-term decisions as well. SBS is here to identify strategic tax planning opportunities that work to reduce your tax liability.

Please give us a call at 260-407-5000 and talk to any one of our CPAs. We want you to take advantage of this great tax planning tool we provide.

Tanner Roberson, CPA


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