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QuickBooks Online is a program we deal with all of the time here at SBS CPA Group.  I am the QuickBooks Online expert in the office and some of our larger clients use QuickBooks Online.  QuickBooks Online is all cloud-based meaning it is stored in a secure place on the internet.  This is a stark difference to QuickBooks desktop where users download the program onto their desktop computer and only a few people in a short range can get into the file at once unless it is hosted on a shared server.

There are various benefits of QuickBooks Online that include:

  • Mobility – QBO is on the cloud so as long as you have a strong internet connection it is available to yourself and any other users/accountant users at all hours of the day.  Multiple people can be in the file, no matter the location.
  • Online Bank connection into QBO – QuickBooks Online allows you to logon to business checking/online credit card account straight from their program.  This creates a connection that continuously downloads transactions from online banking to the QuickBooks Online banking center and you can categorize them as you wish.  This way you avoid having to download separate transaction files each time you want to download banking transactions into QuickBooks.
  • Constantly Updated – QuickBooks Online is Intuit’s flagship product and their main focus.  QBO is on the cloud so they are constantly updating it and you do not have to install updates like you do in QuickBooks Desktop. The engineers of QBO have designed the product to help you focus more on the data in the program and not the maintenance of QuickBooks Online.
  • Next-Day Direct Deposit with Payroll – QuickBooks Online offers next day direct deposit for payroll in their system as opposed to QuickBooks desktop that requires entry two days before payroll can be direct deposited.
  • Apps – QuickBooks Online pairs with a number of apps that can integrate into QBO.  For example, we have a client that uses TSheets for time tracking which can import into QBO when you are running payroll.

Intuit is pushing QuickBooks Online as the future of small business accounting.  In fact, that are making it harder and harder for people to purchase QuickBooks Desktop.  The main reason for this is the fact that Intuit charges significantly more for QuickBooks Online than QuickBooks Desktop.    We have many clients using QuickBooks Online.  We would love for you to come in and take advantage of the QuickBooks Online training and support SBS CPA Group provides.  Please call 260-407-5000 and talk to Tanner L Roberson, CPA.

Tanner L Roberson, CPA


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