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Here at SBS CPA Group, we have had over 15 years of QuickBooks Desktop experience.  All of us at the office get in at least five to ten different QuickBooks Desktop files a day.  QB Desktop is the product that put Intuit into small business prominence and has been a huge part of small business accounting for many years.  We provide a great deal QuickBooks Desktop training and support at SBS CPA Group.  All of us here at SBS have worked in all areas of QB Desktop whether it is invoicing, bill pay, payroll, bank reconciliations, etc.

Here are some benefits of QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Payroll Functionality Gives You More Control – QuickBooks Desktop allows users more control when setting up payroll items among other things.
  2. You can E-file and E-pay payroll taxes – In QuickBooks Online, you can still e-file payroll tax forms and e-pay taxes; however, a standard payroll subscription in QuickBooks Online won’t allow you to e-file and e-pay Indiana withholding taxes.  You can only e-pay from their system and then you must go to INTAX and file the report separately which is inefficient.
  3. Cost – QuickBooks Desktop without payroll will cost you roughly $275-$300 one time and then you should probably update it every three years or so.  QuickBooks Online charges a discounted monthly rate for the first three months and then you pay $40 or more every month.  The prices only increase when payroll is added.
  4. Layout– Our clients tend to feel comfortable with the layout of QuickBooks Desktop and how things are located strategically in the program.  For example, the whole process of creating an invoice, receiving payments, and making deposits is laid out perfectly on the home page of QuickBooks Desktop.  We find the program to be very user friendly.

On a daily basis SBS CPA Group provides QuickBooks Desktop training and support in all areas.  Please give one of our CPA’s a call today at 260-407-5000 and schedule your free initial consultation to learn more about how we can help your small business!

Mike Sylvester, CPA/ABV


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