To Prepare or Not Prepare

By now you should have received most of your tax statements and you should be thinking about getting your taxes prepared. Should you head out to purchase the newest version of Turbo Tax and give it a go yourself, or should you hire a professional tax preparer?

Unfortunately, taxes are getting more and more complicated and thus harder and harder to self-prepare. Last year in tax court a defendant tried to blame turbo tax for his mistakes, but the IRS did not buy it and the taxpayer lost.  If you prepare your own taxes, you are responsible for your own mistakes, which could be costly.

Therefore, why not give SBS CPA Group a call and get some help with those taxes. We are a full-service CPA firm in Fort Wayne Indiana specializing in tax preparation.  We prepared over 1,000 business and personal income tax returns last year and we can prepare yours too.  Give us a call today at 260-407-5000.

Karena Sylvester, CPA


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