No Passports for Delinquent Taxpayers!

Planning an international trip this summer?  Make sure your taxes are paid up before applying for your passport!  Thanks to the FAST Act that was signed into law in December 2015, starting January 2018 the State Department has the ability to deny a passport application or revoke a delinquent taxpayer’s passport.

Delinquent tax payers who owe the IRS more than $51,000 are in jeopardy of losing their passports. If you owe the IRS more than $51,000 and you have an international destination on your agenda this summer make sure you settle up with the IRS first.  You can either pay your debt in full, enter into an approved installment agreement to pay the past due tax, or pay the debt timely in an accepted offer in compromise agreement.

If you are in bankruptcy, are a victim of tax-related identity theft, in a federally declared disaster area, or have been determined by the IRS to be uncollectible, then your passport is not in jeopardy. Additionally, if you have a pending offer in compromise or a pending installment agreement, your passport rights will not be jeopardized.

This is just one more way the IRS can ensure they get paid the taxes they are owed. Do not get behind on your taxes!  To enter into an installment agreement or an offer in compromise go to or give SBS CPA Group a call.

Karena Sylvester, CPA


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