The government is shutdown—including parts of the IRS! How will this affect me?

With the new year being here, many of you are probably wondering how the government shutdown is affecting the IRS.  While the IRS is of course still currently accepting payments, it is not:

  1. Performing audits
  2. Processing paper returns or amendments
  3. Responding to correspondence
  4. Issuing refunds
  5. Or answering questions

If the federal government shutdown doesn’t last too much longer, there shouldn’t be a significant effect on getting your tax refund or any other processing.

If the shutdown keeps going, there will start to be a ripple effect.  The IRS SHOULD be gearing up and finalizing all of its forms and software in preparation of tax season.  However, they are furloughed.

This means that all of that prep work isn’t happening which could delay the IRS’s official start date of tax season (the day they’ll start processing tax returns) and the finalization of the various forms necessary to file tax returns in the first place.

You as a taxpayer should still be collecting and compiling your tax information and meeting with your tax professionals as you normally would.

Isn’t it nice that our politicians are getting such a nice break!  They are even still being paid!

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jennifer Randle, 260-407-5000


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