The End of the Windows 7 Era

Microsoft will be ending its support for its Windows 7 operating as of January 14th, 2020. After that date, they will no longer be providing free updates, including ones for security. Computers that remain on 7 will become increasingly susceptible to attack from outside forces, because exploits will be found, but not be patched by Microsoft.

The easiest way to deal with Windows 7 support coming to an end is to update to Windows 10. Microsoft recommends installing this on a new PC, so it could also be a good time for a business to evaluate its technology needs and develop a technology plan for the future.

An alternative option if you need more time to make the transition from Windows 7 to something else would be to pay for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. If you pay for this, Microsoft will still send you security updates for up to three additional years (extending the security support up to 2023). It is only available for the Professional and Enterprise versions of the operating system and is not particularly cheap at $25 per device the first year and doubling each year after.

Many people remember Windows 7 as the savior that rescued them from Vista and will be sad to see it go. Like the end of Windows XP, it is probably better cost and security wise to move onto Windows 10 rather than pay additional money to end up having to update at the end anyways. If you absolutely cannot, at least you are now aware of an alternative for a few years.


Shane Lengerich


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