2019 SBS Tax Planner

Every January, you receive a thick envelope from SBS CPA Group in your mailbox. This is a simple reminder that tax season is coming up. One of the most important aspects of this envelope is the yearly tax planner we provide for each of our clients. Many people wonder, why is it so important to complete this tax planner if the accountants at SBS have done my taxes before?

The yearly tax planner is extremely helpful to tax preparers, it is a staple for accounting firms worldwide, and the first thing we look at before we begin each return. The planner is revised each year to reflect any changes that have occurred on both the federal and state level. It is filled with questions that notify us of any changes or special circumstances involved with your taxes. As tax preparers, it ensures important questions that need to be asked, are asked. This makes sure every deduction and credit are taken to its fullest, and your 2019 tax return is filed properly and accurately.

The first page is absolutely required to be filled out. It asks for your current address, phone number and email address. We need to have your contact information so that we can reach you for questions and to let you know that your return has been completed. The “yes or no” questions are intended to remind you of events that have occurred throughout the previous year that might affect your tax return. Some examples being you started a new business, had a baby, or began contributing to a 529 plan for your children’s future education expenses. Based on the way a question is answered, we know if we need to ask for more information to complete the return.

Pages two and three ask for information that might lower your taxable income. This includes information about any estimated tax payments made, your Health Savings Account, real estate taxes, and various other tax related information. One of our goals at SBS CPA Group is to make sure you pay as little in taxes as the law allows.

The yearly tax planner is not sent out each year to be overlooked and forgotten. It is provided to help lower your tax bill and ensure filing your taxes is a smooth process. If you have any questions for us at SBS CPA Group, don’t hesitate to call us at 260-407-5000.


Brendan Lewis


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