Payroll & Payroll Taxes

There are many options available to you for the preparation of your payroll and payroll taxes; SBS’s services are scalable (we can do a lot or a little) to help you stay on track and on budget. For example:

Full payroll – You provide us the hours worked and we will cut your payroll checks or direct deposit your payroll directly to your employee’s bank accounts. We will file all of your federal and state payroll taxes monthly, quarterly and annually as required.

Monthly payroll taxes – If you can handle your own payroll, but paying those taxes at the right time to the right place makes you nervous, we can prepare your monthly, quarterly and annual payroll taxes for you. At the same time, we will review your payroll and ensure you are in full compliance.

Quarterly payroll taxes – You handle the routine stuff and let us file all of your quarterly and annual payroll tax forms. This is one of our most popular services with our small employers who like the extra assurance that their payroll is correct and all their appropriate forms are filed with the appropriate agencies.

Annual payroll taxes – If you prepare your own payroll but would just like an annual review, plus you hate buying those W-2 and 1099 forms at the end of the year, let us review your payroll and prepare all those annual forms for you.

Owner Payroll – If you are an S-Corporation and know you should be paying yourself a payroll to be in compliance with the IRS rules, this is where we can really help you save some money. We can review where your profits are for the year and determine how much salary you should be paying yourself. We will do a tax projection for you to ensure you are withholding enough in federal and state taxes so you don’t have any big surprises come tax time. We will also file all the necessary payroll tax forms for you. You can rest assured you will not be at risk for an audit while not paying more in self employment taxes than you need to. Plus you will know you are in full compliance with all the payroll tax laws.

Whatever schedule fits in your budget, SBS CPA Group can help make sure you are in full compliance with the constantly changing and often confusing payroll tax laws and get all the various forms filed timely for you.

Let’s have a discussion about how we can make your life easier. Give Karena a call today at 260-407-5000.


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