Do you hate to do bookkeeping or never seem to have the time to get it done? You need to give us a call! You can drop off your paperwork or we will come right to your office. We will pay your bills, prepare your payroll, prepare your invoices, reconcile your bank accounts and prepare financial statements that will help you grow your business!

Do you get confused with all the various tax filings that you need to file each month, quarter or year? We will prepare all of your payroll taxes, sales taxes, and any other taxes that you owe, so you can run your business! We can even pay your taxes online to save you time.

Never seem to have enough money to pay all of your bills? We can help you prioritize your bills, minimize your late payments, and help you with your cash flow. By providing accurate financial statements we can show you areas where you may be able to cut your expenses and increase your profit!

When you hire us to handle your bookkeeping we will ensure that you have meaningful financial statements that will help you make good financial decisions. By having your books in order throughout the year, we will be able to more efficiently prepare your tax return and save you even more money!

Our firm is not a one size fits all firm. We can work for you on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. If you just want us to prepare your payroll and sales taxes, we can do that too. We will work with you to stay within your budget while maximizing your benefits!

Give Karena a call at 260-407-5000 and let us know how we can help you!


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