Business Formation

All three of the owners of our firm loving being a small business owner! We passionately believe that small businesses are the engine of the American economy. Our firm specializes in small businesses. In fact, a greater percentage of our clients are business owners than any other firm we know of! This has allowed our Certified Public Accountants to develop a great deal of small business expertise. Small Business Services CPA Group partners with well over two hundred businesses; mostly in the great Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

We will be happy to meet with you to discuss the new business you are considering or recently started. We offer a free initial consultation and would be happy to discuss your specific business and your particular situation!

Each business entity has different advantages and disadvantages. An S corporation is different than a Partnership. A C Corporation is nothing like a Sole Proprietorship. Our CPA’s will help you determine which business entity is the best choice for you from a tax and accounting standpoint! Further, we discuss with you those things necessary to get your business started including:

  • Helping you file the necessary paperwork (or in some cases refer you to a local attorney)
  • Discussing the record keeping requirements necessary to operate a business
  • Discussing your capital and borrowing requirements
  • Assisting you develop a business plan if needed (or in most cases refer you to a local organization who will assist you for free)
  • Select the right accounting software to fulfill your needs
  • Discuss with you the various compliance requirements of your new business including:
    • Payroll and if it is required in your situation
    • Sales taxes and use taxes
    • Tangible business personal property taxes
    • State and Federal corporate income taxes
    • A myriad of additional taxes that apply in certain situations

Starting a new business is extremely exciting and rewarding. That being said it can also be intimidating and terrifying if you do not partner with a CPA who truly understands small businesses and can help you navigate the increasingly complicated tax code.

Please call Brent today at 260-407-5000 to arrange a free initial consultation!


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