Real Estate Professionals

If you are looking for an accountant that really understands your business and you are in the real estate business, you should give SBS CPA Group a call. Whether you are a broker, an agent, a landlord, or you simply own real estate, we can help you out.

We have many clients who are agents and brokers. After 10 years working with many real estate professionals, we at SBS really understand the real estate business. From understanding the laws regarding real estate professionals to simply knowing and understanding your business, we can provide you with expert service in preparing your tax returns. We can ensure you are not paying too much in taxes.

SBS CPA Group also has many clients who own real estate and rent that real estate out in the normal course of business. Whether they are residential or commercial or even owner occupied rental property we can help make sure your property is owned in the appropriate business entity to minimize your liability exposure and tax burden. Just last year the IRS passed new laws regarding payments to contractors by landlords. If you are not abreast of these changes, please give us a call today and see how we can help you.

Don’t get caught not knowing all the rules – trust your taxes to SBS CPA Group, Inc. For the past 10 years we have worked with many real estate professionals and we can give you the assurance and peace of mind with our expertise. Give Karena a call at 260-407-5000 today!


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