The accounting rules have become cumbersome and complicated. There are a myriad of rules and regulations that small business owners and taxpayers in general are required to comply with. Our firm has developed several specialties or niches. Rather than provide a huge array of services, we have chosen to focus on a few. This has allowed us to develop a large amount of expertise in these niches.

We focus on the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs of small businesses; most of our clients are located near Fort Wayne, Indiana. Over the last several years Brent Bracht has partnered with several restaurants and has become an expert in the bookkeeping and tax needs of restaurants. Karena Sylvester has a large number of clients who are involved in real estate transactions and this has allowed her to become an expert since she deals with a large number of realtors, rental properties, and land contracts.

We use QuickBooks every day. We are QuickBooks experts and can assist you by answering your QuickBooks questions and providing QuickBooks support and training as required. Brent Bracht is the Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider for the Fort Wayne, Indiana region. You can learn more about the five niches that we serve be following the below links:


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