Tax Season Scares

Almost a full month into the filing season, which means that scams are running rampant. Most people want nothing to do with the IRS, and people who are trying to scam know this and play off of it. A quick few things to remember to help avoid having information or money stolen:

-The IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue will always send multiple letters and warnings first before moving to other actions.

-If you have not made contact and arranged a phone conversation with the IRS, they will not call you.

-The IRS will not demand immediate payment via wire transfer or prepaid debit card.

-If you have received a deposit or check from the IRS, but have not filed your return, it is possible someone has filed a fake return using your information. They then will pose as the IRS or debt collectors demanding the return of the fraudulent refund to themselves.

If you have concerns, check the IRS Tax Scams / Consumer Alerts at, or give us a call at 260-407-5000.



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