Tax increases effecting Indiana

I was very surprised and disappointed by how many different fees and taxes were increased by the Indiana Republican Legislature and Governor this year.   In fact in this last legislative session they increased at least forty five different taxes and fees.  This post will discuss some of the major increases.

On July 1st, 2017 the state of Indiana has increased the Indiana fuel excise tax by at least 10 cents per gallon for all fuels purchased.  The Indiana tax on diesel fuel will increase by 31 cents per gallon!  This will effect all of our clients.

On July 1st, 2017 all Hoosiers will pay at least an additional $15 for each new vehicle registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Believe it or not if you buy a new hybrid vehicle the increased fee is $50 and if God forbid you purchase a new electric car the new vehicle registration fee was increased by $150.

This year the Republican Legislature and Governor decided to add a fair number of new licensing requirements for certain businesses located in Indiana.  Examples includes massage therapists, out of state social workers, manufactured home dealers, small cellular tower placement businesses, billboard relocation businesses, and businesses that provide cannabidiol treatment for epileptics.    These licenses will cost between $10 and $400.

School employees will have to have a background check every five years.  Either the employee or the school will have to pay $30 – $40 for it.

College students will have to pay $100 to $150 for a mandatory meningitis vaccine unless they have health insurance that pays for it.

Indiana expanded its rules to force visiting professional athletes to pay Indiana income taxes.

Indiana has also increased fees in the Court system for a wide variety of items.  There are many different fees that increased and the dates of implementation vary.

There are more tax and fee increases this year in Indiana than I have ever seen.  I am very disappointed that they increased so many taxes, so many fees, and added more burdensome regulations that Hoosiers will have to deal with.

Mike Sylvester, CPA




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