Should I pay someone to prepare my 2016 Income Tax Returns

We have become a society where specialization is important.  I would not even consider changing the oil in my car.  Instead I pay someone to change the oil in my car who understands engines and who can easily dispose of the old oil.  I am a journeyman electrician; however, I have not done electrical work for a living since August of 2004. When I need electrical work done I hire a client of mine who runs an electrical contracting business.

The tax code in the United States is constantly changing and is purposefully written in terms that are difficult to understand.   The actual tax code itself is now approximately 75,000 pages long.  The tax code has tripled in size in the last 30 years alone.  Each state has its own tax code and depending on the state there may be city and county tax codes as well.  Do not even get me started on how to deal with foreign income; that has become so complicated that even we will not deal with it.

We are experts at tax preparation for business owners and individuals.  We attend countless hours of training and we are constantly updating our skills and our knowledge.  You should hire someone to prepare your taxes if:

  • You own a business.  Business taxes are significantly more complicated than personal taxes.
  • You find that preparing your own taxes makes you nervous or anxious.
  • You find that it takes you several hours to prepare your taxes.
  • You want to have someone who you can ask questions throughout the year in order to help you minimize your tax burden.
  • There is a Trust or Estate involved.  These tax returns can be extremely complicated.

We offer you a free initial consultation and we would love to talk to you!  Please give us a call at 260-407-5000.

Mike Sylvester, CPA/ABV, MBA



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