Can my business pay for my wife’s expenses if I’m traveling for business?

During my career, I’ve had to travel for business and once in a while I take my wife with me (sometimes I don’t have a choice on whether she goes or not; if I’m going to New York she’ll demand that she come, if I’m going to a place out in the country, she’ll refuse).

I know you read the last blog post on travel in the United States, so I know you fully understand how normal travel expenses are deductible.

So, the below will discuss whether or not the spouse’s travel expenses are deductible.

  1. The spouse must be an employee,
  2. The person must have a real business purpose for the travel,
  3. The travel expense would otherwise be allowed.

Just having your spouse take notes or haul luggage around doesn’t count.  There must be a real and legitimate reason for them to be here.

Remember, the spouse can still go if they don’t meet the rules, it’s just that her trip expenses aren’t deductible.

That’s it for now, let me know if you have any questions and have a great day!

Brent Bracht



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